Folco Quilici

Folco Quilici (b. 1930) is a writer and documentarist, particularly well-known for his work on oceans and underwater life. Since his first film, “Sesto continente“, for which he was awarded the Premio Speciale at the Mostra del Cinema di Venezia of 1954, he has made more than 300 short films and documentaries. Apart from film-making, Quilici has also worked in the field of journalism, both press and television, and he is a prolific writer, having published fiction and numerous essays. Qulici started his career as a photographer in 1949, and has produced more than a million black and white and colour photographs, which are kept by the Archivi Alinari.

He was named a ‘Great Master for creative excellence’ at the 1998 International Photo Contest and received an award from the Società Geografica for his travel photography in 2008.

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